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Treasure Hunters

                    Treasure Hunters

Please note that Treasure Hunters is closed until further notice. Call Tony at 636-609-3573 for information.

A real live Western Mining Town in a Cave!   Awesome!

Come and dig for treasure.  $10 per activity per child. 

Come in and check us out and take your picture in the miner's jail!

Hours:  Friday by appointment at 314-609-3573
            Saturday 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
            Sunday   1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

Dinosaur Cove: Enter the trail and come face to face with dinosaurs.

Smuggler's Lane
:    Dig and find an assortment of different rocks to fill your bag.  Play in the largest sand box. Each child get a hat and identification chart for the rocks he or she mines.

Sluice Box :  Each child gets a pre-made bag of different rocks to mine in the sluice box.

Mine Shaft:  The mine shaft is dark and you will only have a flashlight to find your treasures.

Seashell Bottom:  Dig through the sand and find sea shells, sea glass, shark teeth and more.

More info at

For Parties and Groups call Tony at 314-609-3573.
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