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What makes the Smart Car so Smart?

     Briefly, SMART stands for the two designers of the car, Swatch & Mercedes. Lastly, ART is a descriptive term for the compositional & engineered elements of the car. In fact, the artistic elements of the car are so revered, it is on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art as one of the 6 most revolutionary vehicles ever created.

    However, the Smart car isn't so only because of its name. One of the exceptional facets of this vehicle is that it gets 43 mpg in the city, and 53 mpg on the highway and actually learns and conforms to the primary driver of the vehicle over time, causing the mileage to increase as it is driven.

     Safety was also fore-front in the minds of the engineers of Smart, making this vehicle one of the safest on the road. To begin, the entire car is composed of a reinforced steel tridion frame, which encapsulates the driver and passenger. The wheels were designed to turn inwards upon impact absorbing a blow and the super compactness of the car actually makes it almost impossible to miss a wheel. The safety features of Smart are further enhanced by an anti-lock brake system, standard driver & passenger side airbags, front & rear crash zones, sandwich type construction, and electronic stability program (esp), etc.

Available Upon Appointment at Auto Centers Bonn Terre.


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