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Sanspa Shower FJ-313
Sanspa Steam Shower Unit FJ-313
46.5" x 46.5" x 90"

Our 300 series Models are a great Shower and Steam Room combination for an excellent price. These models are designed to give you all the benefits of steam at around the same less than a nice shower would usually cost. Any one of these units would be perfect for a home gym, preexisting bathroom, cabana room or any place with size limitations.


Sanspa Steam showers represent the finest in Steam shower technology. These units have been on sale in Europe and the Orient for over 10 years and have been enlarged and modified for the American Market. No other company offering Steam Showers today (not even other Sanspa dealers) have our size and plumbing.

This is a Corner unit which has a beautifully rounded design. It has a storage space for bathroom products and a large mirror. There is a single person seat that is just perfect for your less than perfect days. It is very similar to the FJ-312, but just a little bit larger-- so if it won't fit check that unit out.
modifications. The External height of the unit is 91". The spacious interior is 6'7" tall and is comfortable for someone 6'5" tall.

Amenities on this model include:

Easy to use LCD control panel
6.5" overhead waterfall shower head
Adjustable hand held shower head
enclosed shower room
Steam Generator, including Water shortage protection and automatic self-cleaning
Mister Spray over the seat
Single Person Seat
Overhead quartz light and in tub lamp
Automatic Pipe Cleaning
High Ceiling -- Comfortable for someone up to 6'5" in height


Every unit comes with a 1 year Full Warranty. Warranty may not be honored if the unit is not installed according to all applicable local codes & statutes and installed by qualified installation technician(s).
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