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Job Opportunities

We are moving forward!
We are only waiting on our permits from Crystal City to set our time lines. 


Job Opportunities:


Upon receipt of permits from Crystal City for Utilities and approval from Jefferson County for our project we will start construction.  While there will be many construction jobs that will come available as soon as we get our approvals there will also be other job opportunities for the new businesses that locate here.  Please visit our Business Opportunity link to see what other businesses we are seeking to locate at Crystal City Underground.


Some of the Businesses that want to proceed are;


Seagate Divers, LLC wants to put in a Scuba Lake and provide training and diver certification classes.  Mike Ginger the Owner/Operator should be at the Open House to answer questions about his proposed operation.  Mike is local and has been waiting almost three years to start his business at the Cave.

CCU Kentucky Exposition Center
Our project is being patterned after the Kentucky Exposition Center.  The facility supports over 7,000 Jobs boasts over 1,000,000 square feet, is very successful bringing millions of dollars of tax revenue into the Community and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from out of state visitors, that attend hundreds of events annually.  It is one of the ten largest in the World.  Our project at minimum will be double the size when completed.  Please visit the Kentucky Exposition Center’s website and browse their events and financial statements to understand what Crystal City Underground can be with Community support.  There website is




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