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Please note that we are closed at the present time.  We have left these questions up to answer questions for when we re-open.

What is this place?
It used to be a sand mine, and we are doing sports and music.  We have sand volleyball, disc golf (frisbee golf), big screen TVs and boat rides on our underground lake.  Other activities include Treasure Hunters and Kayak and Canoe Tours.  Many fund raisers, birthday parties, receptions and sports tournaments happen here.  The cost to come in is $5 per person but can be applied to the cost of one of our activities.

When are you open?  We are open weekends year round. Fri eve 7pm-12am, Sat 1pm-12am Sun 1pm-5pm.   Barge rides close at 10pm Friday and Saturday, and 4pm Sunday.

Are you open during the week?  We are open only for private parties, field trips or special events.  Please call Tom 314-581-2582 or Kathy at 636-931-2888 for details. 

What age groups enjoy the cave?  All age groups enjoy the cave and all age groups are welcome.  We are a family friendly place.  

What is the temperature in the cave?   The temperature is always 55 degrees so dress appropriately for you.  Bring a sweater and comfortable shoes for walking in sand.  It is comfortable walking or playing sports and cool if you are stationary.

What do you have to eat or drink in the cave?   We have refreshments at the front entry area.  We sell chips, candy, soda, water, energy drinks, Gatorade, beer and mixed drinks. 

Do you have a restaurant?  No, we do not have a restaurant. Please look at our nearby restaurant page for local eateries.   Unless we are having a fundraiser where food is sold, we only sell prepackaged food like chips, candy, & nuts.  You are allowed to bring in cakes and hors d'oeurves if you are having a party or get together in the cave.  Please call ahead. 

Do you sell alcohol?   Yes, we have a liquor license.  We sell Bud products, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, wine, and mixed drinks.

Can we bring in food or drinks into the cave?   You may never bring liquid refreshments into the cave or drink in the parking lot.  It is against the liquor license law to do so!  Food may be brought in if you call ahead.

What is a barge ride?  A barge is a flat bottomed boat that used to haul heavy goods on the river.  It has 3 independent steel walled air chambers for buoyancy and a 42" railing with a weight capacity of 60,000 lbs.  It can hold many people safely, but we try to limit the number to about 30 so everyone has a good view.  It is very safe but we carry life preservers and a safety hook if needed.

Do I need a reservation?  You do not have to have a reservation on the barge ride. (This is different than the pontoon-the pontoon needs a reservation)  We want people to know what our hours are because we are not open during the week.  Also some evenings are paid events and may have limitations.  We also want you to know to look up directions here on our website because GPS takes you to a dead end road.  Bring a sweater and comfortable shoes for walking. 

How long is the barge ride?  The barge ride is approximately 30 minutes long.  You are allowed to go on it again if there is another paid ride and if there is room.  At some special events it may be limited to one ride.

What times does the barge ride run?  We try to schedule the barge rides to go out at the top of the hour or shortly thereafter.  

What is the pontoon ride?  The pontoon boat ride must be reserved in advance.  It is a pontoon boat with 10 individual seats with seat belts. It is approximately one hour ride.  It goes further back into the cave. The pontoon has lights, but it is fun to bring your own flashlight.  Remember it is cool in the cave.  We recommend you bring a lap blanket.  You may bring drinks or food purchased from us on the ride.

Is there a lot of walking? What if I can't walk or I use a wheelchair?  The walk to the barge is about 1500' or about 3-4 minutes.  Most of the cave has sand floors.  The roads are hardened, but still soft in some places.  We can take people to the barge one at a time, or groups can drive to the barge.  There is enough room to turn around.  

Is the cave handicapped accessible?  The front entry area and the barge are handicap accessible.  We have ADA restrooms in the front area. 

Can I bring my dog?   Dogs are not allowed walk around in the cave. However, if you have a dog or other pets in your car, we will allow you to park inside the cave to keep the animals comfortable.

Reservations for Treasure Hunters  call 314-609-3573.

Reservation for Marsan Kayak and Canoe  call 636-208-5026.

Laser Tag is not open at this time.

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