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Map & Directions

Directions to Crystal City Underground Complex

Take 55 South to Exit 175 (Highway A) and make a left.

Go to 61/67 and make a left.

At the 2nd light (Bailey Road) make a right

Go to Mississippi Avenue and make a right

Follow fence line on your left until you come to an opening in the fence where there is a sign for Crystal City Underground. Turn into the opening of the fence and follow the road until you come to a bridge. Cross over the bridge (this bridge has been certified by an engineer) and go through the tunnel until you come out of the tunnel.*  You will see the parking lot and the main opening of the cave.

Your party should meet you there. Due to a minimal amount of parking that is available please be courteous and park in a structured way so more vehicles will be able to park in the lot.

* As you enter the tunnel, turn on your lights.* 

Map to Crystal City Underground


(314) 581-2582

700 Crystal Ave
Crystal City, Missouri 63019



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