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Construction Opportunities

We are moving forward!
We are only waiting on our permits from Crystal City to set our time lines. 



Contracting Opportunities at CCU


We are going to provide both Union and Non Union Contractors the opportunity to bid for work.  Our intention is to utilize both on a basis that mirrors the percentage of Union and Non Union Contractors currently licensed in Jefferson County.  Our policy will be to hire Jefferson County Contractors, where possible.  We have hired Duneman Demolition, a Union Contractor from House Springs, to act as the General Contractor to oversee the project.  The principals Kent and Linda Duneman have become partners in the project. All phases of Construction will be needed.


Construction Tradesmen:


In addition to hiring Contractors to do work at our facility, we will also being hiring direct from the Community to help.  This will include both new construction and maintenance.  We will start hiring once we have received our permits from Crystal City for utilities and Jefferson County approves the project and issues permits for our development.  We anticipate this may take 3 to 6 months to complete. 

CCU Kentucky Exposition Center


Our project is being patterned after the Kentucky Exposition Center.  The facility supports over 7,000 Jobs boasts over 1,000,000 square feet, is very successful bringing millions of dollars of tax revenue into the Community and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from out of state visitors, that attend hundreds of events annually.  It is one of the ten largest in the World.  Our project at minimum will be double the size when completed.  Please visit the Kentucky Exposition Center’s website and browse their events and financial statements to understand what Crystal City Underground can be with Community support.  There website is



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