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Business Opportunities

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Business Opportunities:


We are looking for local people that would like to start a business in the Cave.  We will help you get started and will consider a Joint Venture opportunity with you.  Some of the opportunities will be on our Cultural Facility and some will be in our Green Industry side.  We are listing venues that we are looking for operators.  If you are interested or if you think you would like to work for someone else that creates a business please let us know, what your interest is.


Cultural Facility:


Extreme Sports: Scuba (reserved) Rock Climbing, Skate Board, Bicycle Track, 4 Wheeler Track, Moto Cross Track, Kayak Track, and Other.


Olympic Sports:  Track & Field (reserved), Volley Ball (reserved), Ice Hockey (reserved)  Gymnastics, Bad Minton, Figure Skating, Curling, Speed Skating, Basketball, Swimming and Diving, Soccer, Dance (reserved) and other.


Recreational Sports:   Bicycle Rental (reserved), Canoe,Boat, ATV & Hoover Craft rental (check for upcoming event), Sand Volleyball (reserved), Paint Ball (reserved), Bowling, Billiards, Shuffleboard, Trampoline sports,  Archery (reserved), Shooting Range,  Horse Shoes and Throwing games, Jazzercise, Health gym & spa, and other.


Convention Center:  Contractor (construction) Services, Communications (reserved), Food and Beverage Services (reserved), Event Production Coordination, and other.


Commercial Businesses:  Clean Freek Store(reserved), Restaurant, Ice Cream, Frozen Beverages or Smoothies, Sports Bar, Sporting Goods Stores, Haunted House, Specialties Stores, Clothing Stores, Permanent or temporary exhibitors and other.


Green Industry: 


     Precast & Green Concrete, Office/ Hotel & Motel Furniture recycling into fuel pellets (reserved), Tire recycling for rubberized concrete, asphalt and sports floors (reserved), Bio Fuels, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Solar products.

CCU Kentucky Exposition Center


Our project is being patterned after the Kentucky Exposition Center.  The facility supports over 7,000 Jobs boasts over 1,000,000 square feet, is very successful bringing millions of dollars of tax revenue into the Community and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from out of state visitors, that attend hundreds of events annually.  It is one of the ten largest in the World.  Our project at minimum will be double the size when completed.  Please visit the Kentucky Exposition Center’s website and browse their events and financial statements to understand what Crystal City Underground can be with Community support.  There website is




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