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About Us
Who is behind The Crystal City Underground Development?

Crystal City Underground Sports Complex is the concept of Tom Kerr, President and Owner of Fiesta Corporation. Fiesta Corporation is a multi-faceted company that has been St. Louis owned and operated since 1988. Tom Kerr is a family man, with a loving wife, Kathy, and three children. He has recently moved to the River Hills District and is in the process of selling off his other properties so that he can conscentrate on CCU, a project which he feels will help move his area in a positive direction. He would love to hear your opinions and comments and personally answer any questions you might have. His direct email address is

Other Businesses Operated By Fiesta Corporation

  • Real Estate Investment & Management
  • Ownership & Management of Deer Creek Golf Club
  • Full-Service Warehouse & Fulfillment Service
  • Mercedes Benz Smart Car Sales & Leasing for Promotion
  • Multiple Classic Car, Boat, & RV Storage Facilities
  • Maxi-Storage
  • Internet Sales Including:
  • Steam Showers and Saunas
  • New & Used Vehicles
  • Industrial Equipment
  • New & Used Office Furniture
    Available to view upon Appointment. 

    (314) 581-2582 or (314) 807-0130

    700 Crystal Ave
    Crystal City, Missouri 63019
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